Ken Hanson - NRA BOD Biography

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Biography of Ken Hanson Esq.

Ken Hanson at BlackWater
-NRA Life Member.

-Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association Life Member.

-Friends of NRA Committee Member.

-Volunteer (pro bono) Attorney for NRA Member calls requiring legal information in Ohio.

-Earned 2008 NRA-ILA “Defender of Justice” Award.

-NRA Certified Instructor Basic Pistol, PPIH, PPOH, Home Firearm Safety, RTBAV, RSO.

-Legislative Director of Buckeye Firearms Association, 2007 NRA-ILA’s “Volunteer Organization of the Year” and 2007 Citizens’ Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms “Grassroot Organization of the Year.”

-Type 01 FFL.

-Author, “Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws” now in a Third Edition.

-Published Articles in US Concealed Carry Association and SWAT Magazine.

-Monthly communication with: legislation, legislative aides, State Representatives, Senators, Attorney General’s office, campaigns or the general media on firearm issues, legislation and cases.

-Frequent lecturer for community groups and organizations on gun issues.

-Frequent consultant to political campaigns for sportsmen/2nd Amendment issues.

-Legal trainer for other concealed-carry instructors; have helped train over 6,000 Ohioans.

-Many years of pro bono gun rights work, benefitting citizens across the state of Ohio and citizens nationally with legal questions about Ohio firearm laws.

-Multiple criminal defenses of gun owners in Ohio.

-Proud owner and shooter of black sporting rifles.

-USPSA competition shooter in the 1990s. Casual sporting clays/trap shooter.

-Attend advanced firearms training approximately every other year. Shoot law enforcement qualifications annually as a part-time municipal prosecutor.

-Married to high school sweetheart, father of two wonderful, pro-gun children.

Ken Hanson at BlackWater
Ken Hanson at BlackWater

-Notable Court Cases

1.  James Irvine v. Sheriff McFaul.  Ohio Supreme Court case against County Sheriff who refused to accept concealed carry applications as required by law.  Sheriff agreed to accept applications and paid court costs and attorney fees.

2.  Josephine Lee v.  Sheriff Karnes.  Ohio Supreme Court case that ruled Ohio Sheriffs must accept citizen’s sworn statements of “fear of harm” without further inquiry.

3.  OFCC v. Clyde.  Case taken, along with co-counsel, from filing in trial court through Ohio Supreme Court ruling the state concealed carry license trumped cities’ power to restrict concealed carry.

4.  D.C. v. Heller.  Counsel of record on Amicus brief filed in SCOTUS on behalf of Buckeye Firearms Association and a coalition of 5 private security trade organizations.  The brief documented the failure of the city to protect their citizens and argued that the citizens must be allowed to protect themselves.

5. McDonald v. Chicago. Counsel of record on Amicus brief in SCOTUS on behalf of Buckeye Firearms Association and the United States Concealed Carry Association. The brief argued the need for protection of resident and non-resident Second Amendment rights in Chicago.

6. Buckeye Firearms v. Cleveland. Counsel of record in lawsuit seeking to overturn 20 local firearm ordinances in the City of Cleveland.