Peacekeeper stats – The gun of an Overwatch cabal, Mccree

Peacekeeper stats – The gun of an Overwatch cabal, Mccree

Mcree: offense hero serve as main dps for a team comp

Real Name: Jesse McCree
Age: 37
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Base of Operations: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Affiliation: Overwatch


Peacekeeper stats

Peacekeeper – McCree’s most important weapon. The principal fire shoots at a single bullet down the crosshairs dealing 70 dps and 140 dps if head-shot ( the dps reduce over distance) . The secondary flame “fans” that the Peacekeeper’s hammer, inducing McCree to float the rest of the rounds at the Peacekeeper’s cylinder in lightning pace. The bullets in the flame can’t headshot.

  • The mortal accuracy of the principal fire is best used on goals at moderate range. Additionally, it is helpful on especially agile targets such as Tracer that are difficult to hit with the secondary flame.
  • The secondary fire is woefully incorrect at anything beyond short selection, but will kill anybody using 200 or less hit points in one volley if each one of the bullets struck. Use the fire before they could react when near an opponent to deal damage.

The damage output from peacekeeper is mainly from headshot and shots from close-mid range and is hit-scan shot. You must be truly familiar with your mouse sensitivity and dpi to make those shot. It is highly recommended by Taimou *, that you use one sensitivity and go to the training and keep landing those flick shots to the bot. It not only helps you aim better but also clutch a tracer or genji in a high pressure situation.

* Taimou is a professional player for Overwatch team: EnvyUs, is considered the best mcree in the world.

Tips from overwatch boosters, those are top 500 players and top 100 Mcree

Our overwatch team from Bountyboosting ( top overwatch boosting, coaching website)rounded up two training exercise that help you aim with peacekeeper smoothly and

  • Easy step: Use mouse and trace the crosshair to the head of the bot for 3-5 second while you are moving around and jumping around.
  • Intermediate step: Place the crosshair outside of the bot and then flick it really quick to land a head shot and keep doing it again and again from one bot to another one. Keep in mind that if you use right hand to mouse, it is easier to flick right and for the left hand, it is easier to flick left.



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