McCree – Peacekeeper guides for dummies

McCree – Peacekeeper guides for dummies

Everything you need to know about the Peacekeeper


Part 2 of Peacekeeper guide

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It’ll take you a bit of time to learn the protagonist if you prefer the skills and powers of the man. Most of his skills need a perfect response and decent judgment for timing. If you prefer to play shooters that you won’t have problems while enjoying.

Strength and weakness:

Every hero is excellent for some function. McCree is good for 1 vs 1 duels. If you understand how to throw Flashbang that you are going to have a terrific advantage over your competition. The stun offers participant with time for Peacekeeper that will reduce HP of their opponent. Following this usage Combat Roll for you and recharging are all set to continue the duel.
The general weakness of this cowboy is that he does not have great mobility skills. He can not move although he could deal damage.


Flashbang + Peacekeeper: One of the weak things of Peacekeeper is precision. It’s hard to deal damage with this gun if the enemy moves fast. Luckily you can use Flashbang to change the situation. Stuns enemy using a fan the hammer or initially bullets attack of Peacekeeper while target stays and can not escape. This combo is great for dealing damage that is crazy without having a single shot.

Next articles will show you how to climb the overwatch competitive rank system using Mcree as a dps.


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