CS:GO | The ultimate guide for AK-47

CS:GO | The ultimate guide for AK-47

Everything you need to know about the most powerful rifle in CS:GOThe AK-47 is the strongest automatic gun in CS:GO, you can take down an enemy from any distances with a bullet to the head even they are equipped with armor. This is a great selection for the Terrorist side, in case you still have not determined which weapon you wish to learn first. It’s extremely effective in all range, but particularly for long and medium distance.


Price $2700
Magazine capacity 30/90
Firing mode(s) Automatic
Rate of fire 600 RPM
Used by Terrorists
Reload time 2.5 seconds
Movement speed 215
Kill Award $300 (Competitive)
$150 (Casual)
Damage 36
Armor Penetration 77.5%
Penetration Power 200
Hotkey B-4-2

Shooting techniques


Aim for the head and just take a single shot, wait before your recoil is totally reset and replicate as quickly as possible. Spray consequences are avoided by this technique. You can shoot since it takes just milliseconds. Practice until you’ve got the timing shooting on a wall in the exact place. This technique is only used by some players using the AK-47, due to its ability, but like to use it for distance battle.


Aim for the head and take 2-4 shots. While the first 2 shots are quite accurate then you have to pull compensate for the recoil few shots later, practice this in every warm up round. If you are not using dynamic crosshair (not many using nowadays), then you will see that your crosshair is reset as soon as the AK goes back into default place (it moves back and forth while shooting). It’s possible to use bursting with side stepping and peeking to hit in conjunction. This technique is normally used in normal and far distances.


Eventually, spraying is the hardest technique to master in CS:GO, especially with the AK-47. If you are facing many enemies in a close range gunfight, it is really powerful to spray (and pray) them all. Even in the case that you don’t get a headshot, the very first hit will almost certainly throw off your enemies aim.


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